The above clip produced by the National Air Traffic Service shows the huge impact that drone incursion has on a aerodrome facility. The repercussions escalate through huge revenue losses to the airport, reputation damage, publics faith in aerodrome safety, and increase work loads on air traffic controllers dealing with excess aircraft movements in holding stacks, and most worrying the impact on passenger safety.


  • Fire & Rescue
  • Police Operations
  • Scene 3D Modelling
  • Facility and Asset Protection
  • Emergency Response Safety Solutions
  • Construction Surveying & Inspections
  • Crowd Control
  • Public Events
  • Airport Aerodrome Protection
  • Property Inspections
  • Marine & Harbour Observation

Who We Are

Skyfilm are a UAV company delivering aerial platform solutions to the Property Market, Emergency Services, surveying, and public safety industries.
At a time when Health & Safety is the utmost importance in all industries, Skyfilm UAV's can bring new and safer means of inspecting structural surveys, Utilities, and construction progress, quicker and safer. Cutting out and reducing the risk to High rope operators and reduce costs without the need for scaffolding.
We can also be a vital resource to the emergency services, by providing a high altitude viewing platform delivering high definition video live of incidents as they unfold. Our payloads can be changed to meet the current needs throughout the incident from HD cameras, gas detection equipment, and thermal image cameras. All which can be viewed live to our ground station.

About Us

With over 12 years experience with UK emergency 1st responders, our Operations Officer can work alongside UK Emergency services from, Fire, Police, Coastguard, and UK Environment agency, and understand their needs.
Skyfilm use the latest UAV technology. Our GPS stabilised aerial platforms can fly to 400ft, information and data gathering that once took hours from the ground, now takes minutes from the air.. This now cancels the need for more expensive and limited methods such as Police helicopters and cherry pickers. our UAV's can be relocated with ease and require no man power to achieve it. On board SD cards capture all video and our first person view along with operations officers and incident commanders can view the video feed and images in real time from the ground.
Along with our tethering system our UAV's are no longer constricted to time. With our data tethering we can stay airborne uninterrupted without the need to land and change batteries for hours.

Emergency Response
Building Surveying & 3D Modelling

Aviation Solutions
Public Safety
Property Marketing

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Residential Aerial Photography Services

  • Residential property aerial photography & filming
  • Residential property structural and roof inspections
  • Film and photography of family events
  • Stills & video for home garden design

Skyfilm aerial property filming and photography and 360 virtual tours

Photography for residential properties and commercial buildings accurately delivers a exceptional, energetic and economical solution to improve a property's appeal. We can shoot town and country estates, and our goal is to produce astonishing looking images and film that shows off the brilliance of the property in it's grounds as well as showing the interior in all it's glory. The final produce gives our clienteles the best low cost solution to speed up sales, increase viewings, and even achieve more sales at the asking price. We offer a speedy creation turn around time on your project, and our still images are emailed to you the same day and 360 virtual tours & video fully edited and uploaded for your viewing within 24 hours. We supply aerial property photography for estate agents and developers in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Dorset, Sussex, Kent, Buckinghamshire, and London.